40.5 weeks

Due date, come and gone. Who knew I was so nice on the inside?! Every day has gotten just a little harder, waiting. I’m not handling it nearly as well as I thought I would, either. And every time someone asks, "haven’t you had that baby yet?!", I feel like it’s a failure on my part, and I just sort of sink deeper into the waiting depression. I stopped timing contractions Friday, and haven’t really started again (I did last night when I couldn’t sleep, because they seemed regular, and at 7 minutes apart, they were. And stopped after I fell asleep.)

Friday, work put me on leave. I had to call HR many times, get things faxed in from the obgyn office and get my passwords reset to get back to "active" status. We only delayed the start date a week to this Friday, and I’m seriously considering just starting it then if there’s no kid yet. I really hate having to get dressed and sit at my desk, and I won’t make it to after the Thanksgiving holiday, so 1-2 days… I’m ok with that if I don’t have to put on "real" clothes to go into the office.

Stretch marks- I don’t know why people say they don’t hurt, because they do hurt me. When they’re appearing, they hurt. I can feel the skin pulling apart, and it is not pleasant. I want to hold it or tape it all together (does not help, just delays the hurt a little.) Rubbing lotion into it does not help and the clear loss of my competitive edge in a "Ms. Fupa" competition is hard to take. I really hate how the skin feels, too. Marks have branched off my appendectomy scar so that looks like a tree. Maybe after this, I’ll get a tree tattoo on the top of the belly button and roots below. Or maybe not.

Alien- still really active. I still think it’s trying to get out through my front.

This week’s appointment! Traffic was horrible because of the rain! But we left early and got to the office on time with no stress related to time (just stress related to vehicles). And got to wait because they just switched computer systems and they haven’t worked out all the kinks yet, but it sounded like everyone got to wait a little longer. While we waited for the midwife, TCB commented that it sounded like house music coming from next door.

So, appointment. Didn’t check my weight, didn’t check fundal height, just listened to the heartbeat, and I had the opportunity to decline an internal check, which I did. It was the part I was least looking forward to, and was very, very happy to put it off for another few days. Then we did a non-stress test and got to listen to our very own house music, which had a faster beat than what we overheard from next door. I loved that TCB got up and started dancing along to the beat. I liked that I had a button to push every time the alien moved, so I could document the dance party that soon started in the pooch. Plus, I like pushing buttons. And looking at printouts from machines made in the Federal Republic of Germany.

That test showed great behavior from all parties- kid’s heart rate responded appropriately to activity and the 2 contractions I had while being monitored, but generally it bounced along at around 150bpm. And then we checked the fluid around the alien, which showed appropriate amounts of it. We did have to wait for him to quit squirming, because it was making measuring difficult. Also, I got confirmation that the placenta is indeed exactly where I think it is on my left side, which is where I felt tugging in that week before I knew I was pregnant, and where kicks get painful around the edges of it, then really dull and hard to feel. So, yay, that question getting answered!

3 months post-partum is the earliest she suggested seeing someone about the 5,280 skin tags that have shown up in the last week, and that some of them may fall off on their own after delivery (also not something I remember seeing in the books.)

She scheduled me for an induction with cervadil on Tuesday, so the kid should be out on or before Thanksgiving. I don’t particularly want to get to the induction, but I’m a little relieved to know there’s an end in sight and it’s in the next week. After the appointment, TCB and I bounced down the stairs to his car in the parking deck, to see if that would help start anything. TCB- not in labor. Neither am I. He did get to hide in a stairwell at school because of a tornado warning, though.


3 thoughts on “40.5 weeks

  1. My friend recently got so tired of everyone’s advice and discussion of “haven’t you had that baby yet” on FB that she took a FB break. She told everyone she’d update when there was something to update but that she was unplugging until then.

    She had the baby that night.

  2. Agree! And I should clarify that it bothers me waaaay more when random coworkers or people I don’t particularly know ask. Or when they project feelings onto me, like “you’re probably soooo done.” or something personal. Which I may or may not feel, but I’m just going to nod and turn back around to finish my work so I can get the f outta there.

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