Why Annalena?

Because it just worked. We’d been debating names, not agreeing on much. Sure, there were names we liked, but we couldn’t see calling our kid those names. Tentatively, we had picked Annaleise Caroline for a girl. It almost seemed right, but didn’t *quite* fit. TCB wasn’t 100% on board with the “Leeza” sounding part, knowing it’d never get pronounced correctly, and I was sad about not getting my favorite name, Lena. we liked it, but wanted a name that lent itself to an easy nickname with the full name available be used when needed, like my name. Plus, screw those standardized test name lengths. Her last name already won’t fit.
And then, watching House Hunters International one night, the woman looking for a house in Sweden was named “Annalena”. And we were all, “it’s a real name?!” googled it, loved it, and then talked about why we loved it.
Both of our mothers have Ann in their name, my grandmother’s first name (that she didn’t use) was Anna, the name starts with an A (but comes between our names in the alphabet), TCB’s middle name is Lee, named for his grandfather Leroy, and it has many options for when to call her.
Evelyn? We just liked how it sounded with Annalena. Plus, my first flight instructor. And TCB’s great aunt (who went by her middle name, Faye, like my grandmother.)

And that’s how we picked her name, it just sort of fell together and we couldn’t have crafted a better one from scratch.

The boy name we didn’t use? Leland Alexander. A little vain, naming him so closely after ourselves, but this alien was destined to be Lee or Lena.


3 thoughts on “Why Annalena?

  1. Also her great, great grandmother was named Emma Lina (or Emma Lena, Emmaline – various spellings)

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