2 weeks home

So, now we’ve been home for 2 weeks, and we’re all still alive. L and I both had checkups this week, and how’d we do?

Me: Lost 20 lbs! And have about the same amount to go to reach my pre-preggo weight. I was told to do less, though, since I’ve pulled on some of my stitches (I know when I did it, when plopping down on the bed.) It’ll heal, but will just take a little longer, but I still need to do less than I had been. Otherwise, things are fine physically with me.

She: gained weight at an acceptable rate from the last weigh-in, but still wasn’t up to her birth weight, or even her discharge weight. So we go back on Wednesday for another weigh-in and, if she’s still gaining at the rate they want, then they’ll be happy. She also apparently shrunk an inch? We have the incredible shrinking baby!

For those plotting along at home:

  • Weight: 9lbs 2.5oz
  • Length: 21 inches
  • Head: 14.5inches

We’ve had some rough nights. She does fine all day: eat, awake, nap, repeat. At night, around 11, she goes into super-fuss and nothing seems to calm her down. She’s been fed, though roots around and falls asleep after a minute on the boob, not waking when poked, so we rule out hunger. As soon as I move her, she’s awake and screaming. Butt’s dry, she’s swaddled, rocking and patting will help, singing does a little, too. I end up handing her to TCB and try to sleep myself. She’ll pass out for the night after I’m asleep and TCB brings her to bed. Unless she doesn’t pass out, and then it’s going to be a long night of repeating those same cycles until she and I end up in the chair, trying for some sleep for one of us.

Her umbilical stump fell off on Tuesday, so she got her first real bath on Wednesday night. She was uncertain about it. We did it in the bathroom sink, lined with a towel, but that sink is a little too small. We’ll try another sink for the next bath.

My hormones leaving her body are showing up full-force and she’s got quite a pizza face now.

Thursday, I decided that I gave up on trying to get Christmas/announcement pictures of her, so I called a friend who does these sorts of things and we went to her studio. And we learned that, if you want this done right, a professional is amazing. Amazingly amazing.

Yesterday, I decided it was cloth diaper day since I’d used a couple on previous days and figured that, if I have to wash a couple, might as well wash them all. I used a mix of gDiapers (with cloth inserts) and bumGenius fitteds, and it was super-easy. I liked the gDiapers better, because they seemed to fit better on her skinny-ish legs and they have less to wash per diaper change, though neither kind leaked. And her butt looked so cute. Washing was easy and I can’t tell which had poo and which didn’t.

This morning: I’m not sure how something so small can produce so much poop in a 20-minute time span.

(Right now, she’s sleeping in the swing, for the first time. Sshhh.)

(Just kidding. She started screaming immediately after I wrote that.)


2 thoughts on “2 weeks home

  1. It will all become a distant memory, but not soon. It will be better when she learns other more effective forms of communication.

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