A post

  • Her hair’s thinning, likely because her noggin is growing and spreading out her hairs.
  • Her temperament has gotten a bit more even now that we’re on a feeding plan instead of guessing if she’s hungry.
  • On thursday, She started making noises other than cries! It’s terribly cute.
  • Naps are occasionally in her crib now. Sometimes in her swing, sometimes still on me (if I’m ok with where I am for the time), and sometimes swaddled on a blanket on the floor. But I’ve reclaimed a few hours a day!
  • I have to admit, I am a little sad about the crib-sleeping. I liked the  snuggling, but also really like sleeping in whatever position I choose. We do still nap together.
  • She started sleeping in her crib on wednesday or thursday. I don’t know what changed from one day to the next, because one evening, the crib was evil and not for sleeping, and the next, she was out like a. Light. Maybe tied to some development advance that came with the new noises?
  • She noticed her feet last Friday. I think they’re just things with ducks or santas or frogs on them, not necessarily her feet, but it’s cool to watch her stare back and forth between these two moving things.
  • I see why people make such funny faces at babies and such weird noises. She makes extra faces when we do and more good noises when prompted. (monophthong vowel sounds get more responses)
  • We went to the the machine shop. Had to clear a table of cylinder heads to change her, and Don (the owner) was just cooing over her. Very cute.
  • Her hands are quite tasty sometimes.
  • She grasp and holds on to things. Usually, my hair, TCB’s chest and arm hair, the bottom of her outfit during changes ( useful).
  • We realized we’ve been so excellent with the cloth diapers, she’s going to outgrow a bunch of disposables soon. Fortunately, most are in a couple unopened packages, so they can go to other people without being weird about it.
  • Returning to exercise is taking a little longer than anticipated, but I’m doing it slowly. No more than 5 minutes of soccer in good weather, and we’re going for walks. It’s definitely going to be a long road back to where I was a year ago.
  • I signed up to re-take the D coaching license test.
  • I got estimates on a housecleaner. Should have done that years ago.
  • The thought of returning to work is looming. On the one hand, yay money! On the other, the commute and the job itself. I’m making a few samples of the hooded towels that I make and pair with books for gifts (because bath and bed can be fun times, and I’ve found that real towels are way more drying than baby/kid towels) to take to the bookstore, to see if maybe we could work out a thing wherein we both profit.
  • Have been weighing in with the wii on Wednesdays, lost 3pounds since last week. Very exciting to watch the graph trend downwards. I suppose at some point, the weight won’t be coming off so effortlessly, but it’s fun while the obvious excess goes away.
Who am I kidding? If I don’t hit publish soon, it won’t happen and this post will sit another day as a draft. Were seeing a lactationconsultant, one that isn’t pushing formula because I’m asking questions like “Am I doing this right?”and no, I wasn’t. But neither was Lena. And we’re working with an occupational therapist to strengthen her mouth muscles so that she latches better and for longer, and working on what I’m doing, to give her the best opportunity for a good latch.

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