I think she was replaced by a larger, but otherwise identical, baby overnight. I looked down while feeding her and realized that her head is so, so much larger than it used to be. And her face is bigger. And her eyes really look at and see things now, focusing on different distances. I noticed that she’s soaking through the newborn inserts in her diapers and getting wet up the back, so I moved over to the regular inserts. And those diapers fit now, where even last week they were ridiculously too big.
Shes getting even more fun now, talking back at us, making her baby noises, listening to our voices. Her head gets less floppy every day. She watches objects as we move them around in front of her face, she lifts her legs and head when on her tummy. She lifts her butt when on her back (very handy for diaper changes.) She loves the stick-out-your-tongue game and she snaps like a little turtle when hungry.
And there’s only 2 weeks left of maternity leave.


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