We had the 2-month checkup on Monday. For those of you charting along at home, her numbers were: 24.25 inches long, 15.5 in head circumference, 11.79 lbs. Still at the top percentiles for length, dropped a little for weight, but nothing abnormal. Takes a lot to keep this baby going!
We talked about the egg thing, and the pediatrician recommended continuing with avoiding eggs and then trying another deliberate challenge in 3-4 weeks, just to check again that the eggs are a problem. She said that it’s too early to check for an allergy, but if it she reacts again, we’ll test for it when she’s old enough, since, in her experience, a reaction like we described can be an early indicator of allergy. And that the first egg-based immunization isn’t until 15 months or so, so no worries there.
Oh, the immunizations. The nurse held her legs down, commented on how strong she is, TCB held onto her arms (really, Lena held onto his hands), i sat in the chair across the tiny room, and then bam! The shots! She was quite shocked. Her eyes got huge and she started scream-crying. It was heartbreaking, though she seemed more shocked than anything. The nurse was fast, all 4shots were done and sites covered in seconds, though the screams continued though our patting and comforting.
We finally calmed her down and got home. She and I hung out the rest of the day (she didn’t want to nap), went for a walk (she was super-grumpy) and TCB brought home infant Tylenol for her minor fever.

Other than that, things are settling down. She goes to sleep for her long sleep sometime between 12and 2, she takes a longer nap in the late afternoon, and she kind of naps in the morning. I try to get her outside everyday for a walk. Her stories are getting longer and longer (Monday and Tuesday, the stories ended in fuss as she told us about getting the shots.) her hands are still so cool, she likes to lick them. She also started with the drooling, going to have to put a bib with her outfit!

Soccer was a lot better for me this last week, I lasted about 10 minutes and it didn’t hurt nearly as much (was definitely sore the next day!) That first game i played in may have been too early, but I think I needed to see that I wasn’t ready to play yet. My jersey also fit better.
After our visit with the lactation nurses today, I went over to work to show her off, and she was a big hit at the office. Most everyone said they were looking forward to when I come back, though one person (with a daughter about a year older than Lena) asked, "are you really coming back? Really?" I don’t want to go back, I want to get on with school and get the next chapter of my career started.
So, daycare. Or nanny. We’re back at square 1. Plans a, b, and c haven’t worked out, so we’re asking around for recommendations for both.
Lactation! When I first went in, I was about ready to throw in the towel and just give her bottles. Feeding her myself hurt so, so much and I hated it so so much. At the initial evaluation, we determined that her jaw was weak, I wasn’t quite doing my part to latch her correctly, and we were over-feeding when giving her a bottle. But when she latched correctly, she could pack away quite a bit before getting tired (quickly) and hurting me. So we went with a plan of limiting her time to 15 minutes on me, one side, per feeding, then finishing with 2ounces of milk. The next week, we saw the occupational therapist, who confirmed the weak muscles (and a high palate) and showed me some exercises to do to strengthen her jaw and tongue. They take advantage of her infant reflexes, getting her to stick out her tongue and follow a finger side-to-side with her tongue. Didn’t really change the feeding plan, thought could try the second side at a feeding, if she wasn’t hurting me (we did that twice over the two weeks.)
Today, Lena showed great progress and we were officially discharged from the outpatient therapy program (pending me sending in a picture for the bulletin board, the nurse said with a wink.) The new new plan: switch nurse each time she gets fussy, as that will keep the goods flowing quickly so she gets more with a little less effort, and then finishing with however much milk she’ll take.
We discussed strategies for going back to work and continuing nursing, and she suggested using oneortwo days next week to practice me leaving the house at the normal time with TCB doing the morning stuff (as is our preferred plan), so the first day to work isn’t the first day for everything.
I went out for seester’s birthday on Thursday, TCB stayed home with Lena. He seemed a little surprised that he got absolutely nothing done besides watching her and eating dinner. I really enjoyed the evening out and not worrying about her.
the cat has started napping with us in the afternoon. ( When Lena takes her long nap, I usually nap, too. It’s essential. Not sure how I’ll manage when I work.) and the cat snuggles up next to us. It’s very cute and way less annoying than when she tries to snuggle with me at 5am when I’ve been up for 2hours taking care of feeding stuff.


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