16 weeks

An update of some sort, because it’s been too long. What can I say? I’ve been busy.

She: can roll! She’d been getting onto her side for a while and finally, on the 17th of February (the Friday after I went back to work), she rolled back-to-front. And then back again. Now, you can see the deliberate “I’m gonna roll!” look on her face when she rolls onto her tummy. Rolling back is random, she doesn’t seem to consciously go that direction, but she can do it. And last Saturday, she showed her preference for sleeping on her side and tummy by doin just that- as soon as I put her down in the pack & play (we were visiting Jo Ann at the time), she rolled onto her side and growled and resisted when I tried to roll her to her back. So I left her. And in the morning, she finished the roll and slept for quite a while on her tummy. We routinely find her on her belly in the morning now (we had been finding her in different positions in the crib than we’d left her, like turned 180 degrees), sometimes with her leg stuck between the slats. Sometimes I think she’s a little bug the way she immediately flips over when put down.

On the floor, when she’s rolled over to her tummy, we can put a toy in front of her and she pulls herself toward it, using the blanket. Not sure if it’s more pulling the toy to her or herself to the toy, but she’ll eventually get to it.

She discovered that she can grab her feet a couple weeks ago, and just a week ago figured out that they can be quite tasty. Makes diaper changes more challenging, especially if the diaper has snaps. Velcro- definitely the way to go, because we can fasten it in the second that she decides to kick her legs down. She’s also started grabbing her fupa during diaper changes. Something different than her nipple-grabbing, I guess.

She has “stompy time”, where she kicks the ground (or changing table, or nearby person) pretty hard. But I already knew that she’s a good kicker.

Her vocabulary is changing, she’s adding more stories, many of them sleepy stories (she gets noisy when tired.) When she’s working on some kind if physical achievement, she talks less. But we can still mooooo at her, and she will mooooo back.

Oh, and she can get very excited about the moooo! And about anything! She loves to play with her rattle, it’s so fun that it makes noise! Jo Ann had an exersaucer at her house that we tried out while we were there. Now, I kind of thought they were dumb, but damn she loved that thing. We put her in it, and she got so excited at all the things that she started shaking. And then hitting at all the stuff. And I wish we’d packed it up and borrowed it, because I see a purchase in our very near future.

Sleep: On a good night, bedtime happens around 10:30. On a bad night, it’s 1-2am. If she wakes up in the morning before I leave (under the philosophy of “don’t wake a sleeping baby”, but our squeaky floors wake her if she’s lightly sleeping), I feed her around 7:45, and try putting her back in her crib. If that doesn’t work (it rarely works), I bring her to TCB and they snuggle and nap (most days). Sometimes she’s so passed out that she doesn’t wake up at all while I get ready, so I don’t wake her. She’s not a good eater when really tired like that and I don’t particularly want to get nommed- I’ll let the artificial nipple take the hit. Of course, that does mean my pumping schedule at work is all thrown off, but I can adjust that.

Me: I’m back at work. It is not going well. I expected it to be hard to leave her to go to a job that isn’t my most favorite job ever, but not this hard. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t seem to sleep until I get home, either. I hear that she’s kicking and talking and playful all day, then she gets fussy while I’m headed home and passes out after I feed her, for hours. Wakes up around 8, feed her, I need to eat, then it’s bedtime.

The “Nursing Mother’s” room at work is a sad place. It’s nice that it has a sink and a mini fridge and mini heaters in each of the booth/stall things, but nobody has really kept up with it. Cleaning doesn’t visit every day, like they do our desks. The bulletin board is out of date, pictures of babies from 2006 (most recent dated one I found is from 2010), and you can tell the age of the “helpful” reminders by the pictures pinned to them. Looks like, in 2006, the lactation program was thriving, they had pump motors for use and you would bring in your own attachments for it. The sign-in sheet is still there.(Yes, I found out who is in charge of the room, need to call them back.) When the room is busy, I feel like we’re all cows waiting for our turn.

I joined a weight-loss challenge at work. We had to do an initial weigh-in (they didn’t make me take my sweater off for it), have to lose 8lbs in 8 weeks, and get 2/3 of the points. Points are earned by doing a lot of things I already do- drink 8 glasses of water in a day, 5 servings of fruits & veggies, 30 minutes of exercise a day (not really doing that as much as the others). Bonus points if you do the “bonus activity of the week.” This week: eat a healthy breakfast. Check!

Figuring out the 30 minutes of activity… that’s going to be hard. I want to get back into running, the c25k program seems appropriate, but the time… I feel guilty for asking TCB to hang out with her while I go do that, because dinner still needs to happen and he usually has been with her for a while on days that he’s home. She’s still too small to run with in the jogging stroller, and has often already been on a walk (not that she gets worn out from it, maybe I’m just making excuses to hold on to that baby.)


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