Other things

A post that is not about the baby! At least, not directly.

  • A few weeks after Lena arrived, we* decided we weren’t quite done with the kitchen and did a little more work on it to install the pot lights, originally intended for upper cabinets, in the space above the peninsula. The lights are just so bright that they would have flooded the tiny space and TCB wasn’t able to get into that part of the attic (where the roof comes down) to install anything, anyway. I really like them where they are and, finally, I think we have enough light in the room for working.
  • I re-took the National D license course (got State D last time) and, despite feeling like I’d totally missed the mark on the test, passed. Last time, I put on my “I’m official!” pants and tried to be authoritative, but got the coaching comment “be louder.” This time, I decided that I didn’t care about how authoritative I was, it was cold, I was frozen, I hurt, and I had to go last, without a partner. So I just coached it like I coach my team, reasoning through problems that arose, making my examples humorous, and figured I’d take it again in the summer. But I guess that’s what it took.
  • We got a cleaning service. So worth it, even if just to get up the dog hair every other week. Also: why didn’t we do this earlier?
  • I discovered that I do have a little separation of my ab muscles, working on getting those back together. Bummed because it makes my return to sports slower than I hoped.
  • Last week, the wieght-loss bonus activity was “eat slower”. Sure. This week, it’s “read at least 1 food label.” Check! I’m down about 5lbs, but I think 3 are due to my sweater.
  • I need to go clothes shopping. Nothing pre-baby in my closet looks flattering anymore, and maternity isn’t really attractive either. I am in regular pants again, though. Yay, no more elastic-waist pants!
  • Going in to work has gotten easier since I passed the “I can give 2 week notice anytime” mark. I’m going to pass the 30-days-back required by FMLA this week, so I can look for different jorbs a little more intensely. Or, I don’t have to worry about figuring out timing.

*by “we”, I mean TCB. I held the baby and tried not to freak out about the mess and the inaccessibility of the kitchen


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