I’m going to start writing down the kickasseroles again. We made some super-winners over the last few months and I’d like to make them again, but can’t remember what the heck we put in them. We took a bit of a kickasserole-invention break because I would either want to barf when smells were in the kictchen or I’d pass out on the couch very early. So now that I’m not hosting an Alien and we’re figuring out how to cook with the Earthling around, we are writing these down. And making up new combinations*!

*New combinations fueled by the need to use up all veggies in our CSA box and my new, frantic grocery-shopping style of going to the store and getting a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t actually make any recipe that we have. Examples: very purposefully getting several bags of tortilla chips (on sale!), but no salsa. Or everything for the sausage dish we like, except the sausage. (that’s what was on my list- all the ingredients except the sausage.) Or a 5-lb bag of potatoes, to compliment the 4 lbs we already have at home. Or meat and hummus and frozen asparagus.


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