4 months

We had Lena’s 4-month appointment last week. It went pretty much as expected: weigh & measure, any concerns, what to watch for, exam, and shots.
Charting along at home? Length-26.75 inches (top of the chart) Weight- 14.75 lbs (top-middle of the chart) Head- 16 inches (middle of the chart)
Am huge!
No particular concerns on our part, we talked about sunscreen and bug spray and swimming. (wear it, use sparingly and favor clothes instead of chemical bug repellant, and it might still be a bit chilly in the pool.) Lena is pretty normal and strong, she kept flipping over during the exam, making the doctor work to keep examine our squirmy baby. And the shots were horrible and terrible and this nurse wasn’t nearly as fast as the last shot-giving nurse. Lena had a mad for a while and was a little pitiful all day, slept on and off, and woke up all night. Fun times. But no fever to speak of or adverse reactions.

When she gets a mad, her little bottom lip gets so pouty.

Lena’s so cute. Seriously. When I feed her in the morning, she gets little leg flutters, she’s so excited about eating. And sometimes has slow leg kicks when eating, like a dog gets when you scratch *just* the right spot. She sometimes wakes us up with HappyBabySqueals instead of “Where did everybody gooooooooo??”, which makes the whole day pretty awesome. She’s into smacking things, like my face, my glasses, my boobs, her exersaucer toys, the toys on her swing… and she likes dancing her feet around when held up. And stomping. And bouncing. So many stomps! And she’s so proud of herself for stomping, flipping herself over and lifting her head.
She seems to recognize us! An already-big smile will get bigger when Jeremy or I come home.

She nearly always sleeps on her belly now. We put her down on her back, but she immediately curls up little a beetle and flips herself over to sleep, middle two fingers in her mouth, unless she’s dead asleep. Then she’ll wait a few minutes before flipping over.

And she’s capable of chilling out by herself, seeming to prefer that sometimes. Like the other night, she woke up from a late nap, we changed her and got her ready for bed, but she wasn’t quite hungry yet. TCB propped her up in a corner of the couch for a minute while I cooked dinner, and she was cool playing with her fingers and angry butterfly instead of the exersaucer. Did not want more activity, preferred to chill out. Ate and passed out, a very easy night.

I’m sad that I don’t seem to have the same success with putting her down for a nap that Georgia does, and I don’t seem to be able to read her “I’m tired!” cues as well. I really only have 1 successful method to get her to go to sleep, though nobody else can do that one. I’m sad that usually I miss all of “happy morning baby” that TCB and Georgia see. I’m sad that I don’t get the snuggles in the morning. I’m sad that she follows TCB’s voice when I’m holding her (not so fun when she looks around for him while eating) and seems to be happier to see him than to see me. And that I don’t seem to be winning at anything. In general, I’ve been a little too sad, so I’m getting some help with that.

I had some granular tissue removed yesterday. That was fun. I’m dedicated to low activity to let these stitches heal well. Also sitting on soft surfaces and not wearing pants.
Morning baby


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