Wednesday afternoon, I got up from my desk and nearly doubled over from stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. I went on with my day, but it hurt. A lot. Called my primary physician and she directed me to head to the er. So, I went.
Waited a while, checked in, have samples of various fluids, and got called to the back pretty quickly. Talked to the doc, did an ultrasound, and waited. Then waited some more, talked to the doc who said that the ultrasound looked fine, and suggested a ct scan, which sounded ok to me. By now, the stabbing had moved over to my left side, and I was wondering if I was just taking attention away from actually sick/injured people, maybe this was some kind of horrible gas. I also really needed to pump and, explaining this, the doc did what he could to get the scan done and read quickly. But the radiologist was tied up and didn’t have the opportunity to read the scan for a couple hours. And I listened to the talk in the hallway, figuring out that the woman in the room next to me had similar complaints. And it sounded like her outcome was fibroids. The fov came to talk to me, and said that, while the ultrasound looked normal, the scan showed that my iud had wandered and was currently over on my left side, right where my pain was located. Got an antibiotic shot, which made me think of dad’s line, “you’re going to feel a prick and some burning. I’m the prick, the burning’s the medicine.”
So Thursday, I went in to see the ob that placed the iud. Another ultrasound, which showed the iud in the correct place, baffling us all. She called the radiologist, discussed it, looked herself, and saw that the scan clearly showed it outside the uterus. But no uterine puncture. So she went to find the strings- couldn’t find them. So out came the iud hook, to pull down the strings. still couldn’t find anything.
Now, I’m in the waiting room for out patient surgery, so maybe we can get some answers:
Where is the iud?
How did it get there?
What the hell is showing up on the ultrasound, if it’s not the iud?


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