How are you? We’re all doing pretty well right now. TCB’s working at GGC this summer, picked up a little extra work to help out with the bathroom renovation.

Oh, the bathroom? We’d planned on using the escrow “rebate” from out mortgage refi for new, energy efficient doors. We priced them, picked them out, and as we were waiting for a sale to come up from out friendly company store,  TCB decided to check out the bubble in the wall in our downstairs bathroom. He’d also just tried poking a gray spot in the ceiling (that has been there a while, didn’t seem like anything when he poked it a little while ago), and his finger went through the ceiling. When I’d first checked out painting the wall, I determined that there had been a mesh patch put in, and it really needed to be a drywall patch for everything to look nice with semi-gloss paint. He cut out the patch (middle of the wall), and saw a little rust on the nails at the bottom. So he cut out a little more, and realized that the curb tiles were popping off with very, very little effort and the rust went through the nails, so the vertical studs weren’t actually attached to the bottom plate. And then he started looking at more. He called it “Holmes Inspection: the Ride!” After a little demolition, saw that the tile had been leaking for many, many years, the shower was installed improperly (tiled right onto the foundation), some of the vertical studs came down to the foundation with no sill plate (rotted out at the bottom, too.) The vent went into the dryer exhaust, the vent power came off of the washer line (supposed to be separate), and the drain for the upstairs bath flowed uphill. Plus some other, smaller problems.

We went back and forth with insurance, but in the end, they are covering a good part of the necessary work. We’re doing a little (re-wiring [tcb] and painting [me]), but on the whole, it’s pretty awesome to have people who know what they’re doing do the work. It’s been a week since work began, and already the water heater has been replaced (tankless! in the crawlspace! We get the bathroom closet back as a closet instead of a hot water heater room!), the floor removed, the additional tiled-onto-the-foundation bits removed, shower pan installed, new curb and shower floor poured, and shower walls put up. And the old floor removed, the house structure fixed, new other plumbing… We’ve worked with our super-friendly company store designer to figure out the tile and design of the room (helps that I work on half the software that he has to use.) I’m pretty darn excited to a) not have to do much for the room and b) see the finished product. I’ve also really liked not losing a husband to the work and really liked being able to use the house after work is completed for the day. (Love the guys doing the work so far.)

I’m doing better. The whole IUD experience was interesting. My Dr. had never seen this happen in any of her patients. She’d had one that thought it had perforated, but the CT scan showed it was in the right place, there was something else going on. So, of the thousands she says she’s put in, this was the first she’s ever had to get out through a belly button. I do have to say that she sewed the tiny incision (just one!) up nicely. Since I was really happy about how she took my (seemingly superficial) concerns seriously (and remembered them),  and neither of use could find much of anything in the literature about perforation so far after placement (you never forget your first!), and she’s from South Africa,  I brought her some biltong as a thank you present. She was ecstatic. Woo! (And I resisted the urge to sample it beforehand. It’s so good.)

I’m also doing better in general. I had a bunch of granular tissue removed a few months ago, then more removed again at my annual (2 weeks before the ER visit). So that whole area is feeling  back to normal. And I’ve been seeing folks at the Emory Women’s Mental Health Program, which has helped tremendously with my whole outlook on life. I really didn’t know just how far I’d really gotten away from “myself” until I started getting help. Realizing that I was sobbing to and from work, at my desk , in the pumping room, as soon as I got home, all evening and not remembering days at a time tipped me off. Also: choosing between clean clothes and brushing my hair every day.  And feeling like nobody should ever do anything for Lena except for me, because clearly, they do it wrong and/or are intent on killing her.  So… zoloft. It’s pretty nice for now. I’m kind of bummed because it means that completing my pilot’s license is going to have to wait for a while because of the meds, but really, it’s nice not to have that cloud turning every day into IFR conditions.

Lena is awesome. Holy crap. She’s so neat! And bouncy!

She immediately went from “hey, I can wiggle over to this bear!” to “I am going to wrassle this bear and I will crawl quickly to it, should it get out of reach.” Now, she’s pulling up on nearly everything that she can’t shove in her mouf. Or chomp. She seems to be in full-on “trying to walk and teething” mode. She sees the neighbors walking around (2.5 years and 7 months older), and really wants to go run and play with them. Seems frustrated that she’s not able to yet, but that’s just our overachiever feeling like she needs to “catch up.” We went to Indiana to visit friends and family, and met our new cousin who had the same due date (but born 3 weeks before) and a friend who has the same birthday (due 3 weeks after). I was amazed at how different Lena was. Lena was so much more alert and physically developed than either baby. 2 extra weeks inside made a huge difference!

She had a 6-month checkup. 27.5in, 15.5lbs, 50th percentile head circumference. Yes, we’ve already started looking at convertible car seats, since she’s on track to hit the 30-inch limit on her infant seat a little before 9 months. I met my newest neighbor yesterday and was absolutely amazed at just how huge of a difference 3.5 lbs makes in a newborn. Also- holy crap. 6lb4oz babies are tiny. And everything is so tiny, including their cries. So very different than Lena. And it makes me wonder she would be like now if she’d arrived earlier, and how different those first few weeks might have been.

But every day, it seems like I find a new thing that I love about her that I think that I need to remember. And things that I can’t imaging happening any other way. Recent things:

  • She feels my face while nursing at the end of the day
  • Her hand resting on my breast while nursing, and the way she get jealous when anyone gets near while she’s eating (Don’t take my snacks!)
  • The way she seems to lose all the bones in her neck when she burps
  • The bounces. Bouncy bouncy bounce!
  • She *wants* to get the cat. See the cat? Want to get the cat. And the cat is surprisingly tolerant: Lena grabs her fur, start nomming on her, and the Crax sits there and purrs.What cat has had enough, she leaves.
  • She also wants to get the dog, but Angus is surprisingly intolerant. He’s turned and snapped at her (but not on her) a couple times, once with just me around and once with both of us, and he definitely got the message that what he did was wrong the second time. It seems like old dog not taking to young pup’s play too well.He has not figured out that, when he’s few up, it’s time to remove himself.
  • Angus and Crax laying on the floor as I put her to bed. Like it’s go-to-sleepy time and everyone needs to be there for it.
  • She knows her mama. And will say “ma ma ma ma ma ma” until I look at her or respond.
  • She seems to know her name. Say, “Lena!” and she turns.
  • She hasn’t really mastered “Da da da da” yet.
  • She’s in some sort of “hold me or I scream!” phase. Does _not_ want to be put in her exersaucer (though, she’ll go if there are crackers in the tray.)
  • She’s pulling up on whatever will hold her weight. And she’s learned a lot about gravity in the last couple days.
  • Food might be fun! Food might be poison. Who knows?!? New adventure every night! Even with foods she’s had before.

I know I’ll remember more when she wakes up. It’s late, but I needed to write.



5 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. You 3 – well, 5 including Crax & Angus – are awsome! Am so proud of you for recognizing your symptoms and doing something about it (getting the counseling, etc.). This happens to so many women. So unfair. Happened to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any help – didn’t know I needed it. Didn’t want to admit that I was unhappy and angry. Just figured I had to repress and get through it – and therefore don’t remember much of my 20 years of marriage. Now I get very emotional when looking at the kids’ baby/childhood pics because either, 1) it brings back bad memories of my life at that time, or 2) I don’t remember those moments. I have blocked a lot of those 20 years. I get emotional just writing about it.

    On a happier note…..the new and unexpected renovations sound wonderful! So nice to get workers who you like and trust.

    Am anxious to see Miss Lena again! Looks like it’s gonna be September before I can get there. Trip may be out before then.

    Hugs to everyone!

  2. I didn’t know that I needed that kind of help, either. It didn’t fit into any of the ppd definitions in the books I have, nor did it really fir into anything Dr. Google suggested. I happened to mention something at the end of an an appointment, and I’m so, so glad that my ob stopped, turned around, and sat down to discuss what was going on. And that she insisted that I start even a low dose of zoloft immediately, and that I call at least one of the folks that she recommended, and make an appointment with the one that had the soonest opening and took my insurance. And also call or fax her that day to let her know who I had called. I emailed the one that took my insurance, faxed my ob, and she called back a few days later to make sure that they had called back and that I had an appointment with them.

    I would recommend my ob to anyone. Her patience, her willingness to explain (especially before she does something), her excitement over science, and her attention to detail… love her.

    • Once you have a trusting relationship with your MD, the hardest part is over. I adore my surgeon and my new family physician (recommended by my surgeon). I feel I could tell either one of them anything.

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