Tough Cookie

TCB and a neighbor were outside talking. Neighbor’s son was playing in Lena’s pushcar, and Lena had decided that she wanted the pinwheels from the front porch. So she took off up the driveway, up the front steps, grabbed the pinwheels, and started back down the steps.

(Don’t worry, there’s no ER visit in this story.)
She stumbled a little on the first one, but regained her composure and made her way back down the steps, down the driveway with pinwheels spinning like crazy, and back out to the cul de sac. TCB and Neighbor had watched in amazement (yes, TCB had dashed after her, but backed off once he saw that she was going to be fine with the task) and Neighbor commented that his son would have totally been crying after that stumble.
With her pinwheels, Lena was as happy as a well-fed Hungry Luma. Deedle-dee-dee! Deedle-dee-dee!


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