Doing it my way

Lena doesn’t really chew her food yet. She mashes it a little and then tries to swallow, with unpredictable results. This morning, I chopped up a banana for her and peeled a banana for me. When she’d nearly finished her banana, I broke off a piece of mine for her, intentionally making it large enough that she’d need to chomp part of it off in order to eat it. She started to shove it in her mouth and I told her, "Maybe try biting off part of it, to make it easier to eat."

She paused, looked at me, then stuck out her arm, waggled her finger at me as if to say, "nono, you don’t know, I’ll do this," and continued to shove the whole piece in her mouth. Then she held it in her mouth as she mashed it just enough to swallow.


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