I see!

Got my eyes checked this week (after 2.5 years). Nothing’s changed, but I did take the opportunity of having a current prescription to do a little glasses shopping (the pair I wear is nearly 10 years old). Yes, I got new glasses last time I had my eyes checked, but I picked them with dilated eyes and they… do not fit. They’re too big in every dimension and my cheekbones hit when I talk, making them easy Lena-grabbing-targets.

So, I tried out the Warby Parker home try-on program (which is a great idea) and chose Reece in Midnight Blue. But then I started looking around some more, and am sort of leaning toward getting a back-up pair with spring hinges: Ltede 1002 from Coastal. Do I need a back-up pair? Would I get use out of them? I liked how easy it is to just throw on glasses and go, not worrying about contacts. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “I see!

  1. The Coastal ones are pretty. Having two pair is nice. Weigh the pros and cons. I have had mostly one pair because of cost. Bifocals and all the add-ons increase the cost. I used to get a second pair in Rx sunglasses.

  2. Sunglasses, I’m all about the $20 ones from Target. And I found a coupon so that I’d only be paying for the lenses on the second pair… Hrm.

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