Dinner bake

In an attempt to break out of our taco/pasta/brusselsprouts&bacon kickasserole rut, I tried out a new concoction last night: Mandarin orange chicken. I looked up a few recipes, saw that it was basically a floured-chicken-strip-with-sauce recipe, thawed the chicken, and then got lazy as soon as I walked in the door with Little Girl and just wanted to put things in the oven and forget about actually "cooking". Plus, I had a bunch of odds and ends in the fridge to use up.


  • liquid from 1 can of mandarin oranges that were packed in juice, not syrup
  • about a cup of lemonade
  • maybe 1/4 cup soy sauce (gf, low sodium in this house)
  • ground ginger
  • black pepper
  • red pepper flakes
  • basil
  • chicken

I put everything in a casserole dish, then cooked it (uncovered) until the chicken was done. Put it over rice, lima beans and cauliflower. I meant to put the oranges themselves on the dish (along with almonds), but somebody polished off the oranges as I was assembling the dish, and I just forgot about the almonds until after the meal.

It was pretty darn tasty! I really liked the cauliflower and lima beans with rice and the sauce (tasty chicken was just a bonus.)

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