Lena’s had recurrent ear infections for the last year. And by recurrent, I mean constant. Seemed like every time we went in to the pediatrician, we’d leave with a script for some antibiotic for her ears.

At the end of July, after nearly back-to-back scripts didn’t work, we had tubes put in her ears. We got up early one Wednesday (she was first on the schedule, as they do the scheduling from youngest to oldest), explored the nearly-empty waiting room and pre-op area, and then I took her back to the surgery. The most heart-wrenching part of the ordeal was walking out of the room after she’d fallen asleep (I got to go back with her and calm her as she screamed herself out under anesthesia.) She was so big in my arms and so small on the bed. 20 minutes later, they wheeled little girl back to us (still asleep), and she slept for another 20 minutes before waking. And she, understandably, had a mad. We sat and rocked and rocked and she fell asleep (and I felt bad for waking her to put real clothes on to go home.) Talking to the doctor afterward, he said that she had another raging ear infection that was quite bulging, so tubes were definitely the way to go. We went home, all of us tired and hungry, ate breakfast, and then I got to enjoy a lengthy nap in the rocking chair with Lena.
By dinner, she was just about back to normal.
Since the surgery, her vocabulary has just exploded! Her pronunciation has also improved dramatically. Cat, me-ow, keeetty, dog, woo woo, flower, bains, cullie (colors), shu, docks (socks), beeeds, toe, knee, elbow, ‘nake (says "sssssss"), car, truck, La-ya… She can find her (and our) knee, toes, ankle, wrist, fingers, toes, leg, belly, sternum, brains, hair, head, ears, eyes, nose, chin, neck, butt, mouth, teeth (trying to figure out what to teach her next).
Jo Ann pointed out that when she starts saying "Hai [name]!", she’s usually about to do something naughty. Also, she just likes to say Hi. Hai Keeetty! Hai Mama! Hai Papa! Hai Dogg! Hai [just about anything]! She gives smooches and hugs (usually) when asked.
One thing that hasn’t improved: her listening. We know she can hear better, but she has gotten more willful with ignoring.


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