And what about me?

I’ve been working! and running! and playing soccer!

Really, I am busy. I’m also taking classes online, playing with little girl, and sleeping. When I step back and look at everything I’m doing, I’m amazed that it gets done, as well as some housework and laundry and crafting and cooking of food. And travel and visiting with friends. I’m pretty happy with the fullness of life right now: Little girl is so much fun and so darn cute, and she goes to a day care that she seems to love. And I go off to my job and talk to other people while out of the house, and get to use my brain both at work and while reading up for class. TCB and I have some exciting trips coming up, including an early 10-years-since-meeting trip to Portland, OR, and I’m headed to space camp and R-H’s homecoming in the fall.
It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, work can get pretty stressful (especially with 2 late-night code deployments in a week), I do tend to procrastinate a little in class (read half the book + 7 quizzes in 5 days? no problem!), and there are definitely nights of baby-no-sleep, where we all want to scream and/or cry (or drink heavily.)
On the whole though, life is pretty good right now.


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