Things my daughter knows

She speaks in sentences. Two months ago, she had the occasional two-word phrase, usually "I out." (I want out of this chair, guys.), "Mama down" "sit down"… and recently, she started putting three words together: "I have book" "more strawberries please"

In the adorable front, she sort of sings along to lullabyes. She knows the tune, she knows the next word, and she whispers about a quarter of the words with me when singing "Tender Shepherd" and "Walk Shepherdess Walk." Bedtime has gotten easier (for me). She knows that after a few songs, it’s bedtime and, though she doesn’t have to go to sleep, it is time to be quiet and chill out.

She usually has a toy of the day, one of those that was in her crib and just neeeeeeeds to eat breakfast with her. The last two days, it was elephant. Sometimes it’s bear, sometimes it’s lammy.

"Thing, thing, what is that thing?" elicits her to sing like that Thing. "Aaaaaaaaaaah…"

She can find her sternum and her heart, and knows that her heart beats.

Blueberries and strawberries are no longer both called "Sowways." Now, they are "Stroowberries" and "blue stroowberries".

3 thoughts on “Things my daughter knows

  1. Last weekend in Chattanooga, she let go of my hand and ran off into the park, saying “I go play”.

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