Lena loves books. She loves some to pieces, she loves to de-laminate some of them, she loves to read some, and she loves for us to read some of them. The Lorax, apparently, is Papa’s book to read to her.
Last night, after reading Red Fish, Blue Fish (which is much longer than I ever remember, I think a page gets added every time I read it), and I had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew, Lena spied The Lorax and immediately started clamoring for "Wor-rax? Wor-rax?! Woooor-aaaaax!" TCB had been reading for a while and needed a nature break, so was trying to ask me to read it to her. I explained that I might get through three pages of the book before she started climbing down and looking for another book. And TCB’s saying that he’d really like a break, and Lena’s still screaming for Wor-rax, and she has the book and is trying to put it into his hand. And then she grabs his hand and puts it on the book, which sealed the deal: Papa would read The Lorax.


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