Lena woke up at 2 am this morning, wanting to do her Lena party. By Ken party, I mean first she just wanted to scream for “my papa” and didn’t want me to touch her. Then she wanted a “dapper change”, then rocking (still screaming for “my papa”, then I was falling asleep rocking her but she was flipping around in my arms and screaming when we got to the bed. So I gave up and we went to the guest bed to snuggle, where she proceeded to flip and flop and say “hi mama” for the next two hours.
New this time, she followed me to the bathroom and used her own little potty (in the dark).
Finally, around 5 am, she fell asleep on me, as uncomfortably as possible, where she stayed until 8:30. I slept a bit with the bed hog on me. Whole big bed, and she needs to be on my face.


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