Many things

At work, I’ve recently switched development teams on temporary assignment, from Desktop front-end development to Global SEO. It’s fun, in the ways an endless scavenger hunt with no clear ending is fun, but wow, it’s a lot of work. And a lot of thinking about work. And a lot of thinking about “if I changed X, how could that bring down the entire site?” It’s definitely taking advantage of my tendency to over-think.

And I’m finding it pretty awesome that I’ve already switched teams, made large changes to our site that have been noticed by everyone (department heads, CTO, Google…), I’ve broken parts of our site in production (and then the product owner looked at the numbers of people using that page in that browser and said, “NBD”), I’ve made international changes, I’ve made changes that the international teams want, and I’ve been on a golf outing (to take pictures.) I can also see the outside from my desk (after I converted it to a standing desk). I actually want to get promoted, as I can see that a promotion does not equal more paperwork and a stupid pager.

Six months in, and this job is so many light years away from my last job. And even my worst day at this job is not as bad as my best day at the last one: there have been zero crying-in-the-bathroom incidents, no emails of shame/blame, no weeks of too-many-hours or weeks that involved the small hours of the day unless I explicitly signed up for them (and was paid extra), and no days where I went into the office and talked to nobody. There are just so many, many things that I love about this job.



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