I like to sleep

Scenario: I like to sleep on my back.

The problem: Crax takes this as an open invitation to knead, walk on, and sleep on my, especially the soft squishy part that contains my bladder. This is not comfortable at all. Shoving her off just seems to encourage her (you touched me! you must like this!)

Scenario: I put a pillow on top of me for the cat. Also, I like the weight of the pillow on me.

The problem: This is hot, especially with a cat on top of the blanket/pillow stack.

Scenario: I roll onto my side. This sends a message to the cat that I am not interested in her attentions. (She usually moves to my feet.)

The problem: This is not comfortable for me. Or Jeremy’s breathing on me, which I really do not like.

Scenario: I prop up all the things with pillows, in order to get comfortable.

The problem: It’s hot. And wakes everyone in the bed area up when I roll over (because I’m still actually uncomfortable.)

Scenario: I try sleeping on my front, half propped up, or some other configuration.

Problem: Still not comfortable.

End result: I can either half-sleep and/or wake up sore from whatever contortion finally worked to keep cat off and me dozing.


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