StitchFix #3!

I was a little surprised to get the email that my September StichFix had shipped- didn’t August *just* end? But this first day of fall, it arrived at my doorstep.
StitchFix #3

And it was full of fun things! And full of way more win than last time. In my feedback from my last [fail] box, I gave a story about what I might be doing in October (travel) and mentioned that a bag that fit my laptop would be nice to update my little backpack that I’ve using for a work bag/purse. And I got busy with pinning more things to my “things I like” Pinterest board that I’ve shared with them. Clearly, keeping that board updated/current is key to a successful StitchFix box. On to the conspicuous consumption pictures! (Also, I haven’t made final decisions at the time of writing this,.)

The first thing I tried on was the “Stella Colorblock Dolman Sleeve Knit Shirt”. At first, I was kind of “meh” about it because it was so comfortable, like wearing a long-sleeved tee, and I wasn’t sure if I should scrunch it up, or pull it down, or how the heck I should wear it. And then I remembered that one of my goals with trying StitchFix is to update “jeans and t-shirt” into “at least jeans that fit and a nicer shirt”, and the price was pretty nice on the shirt, so I’m thinking I’m going to keep this. It’s a better comfy shirt, one that I feel I could wear to work without feeling like I’d thrown in the towel on getting dressed for the day.

Do I wear it like this? Not bad DSC_0191.JPG Is comfy

Then there was this red shirt, “Carson Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse”. I liked the color and the idea of the blouse, but it was just… weird when I tried it on. It didn’t have an actual bottom of the shirt in the front- it’s looped around, so it also stuck out in front. It also just didn’t seem long enough and it gapped terribly when I moved. On the plus side- I could use the pouch as a pocket. But really: Eh.
20140923_141203 20140923_141120 Pouch? Runway

The box also has some skinny straight-leg jeans (“Level 99 Straight Leg Jean”) in a size smaller in number than I usually wear (but the same size number as the last pants they sent, which have turned out to fit really, really well), and though I was pretty skeptical that I’d even get them on, they’re so soft and stretchy that they fit pretty well. I’ve never owned skinny jeans before, but I like these. And they sent a bag (“Urban Expressions Sylvia Front Zip Crossbody Tote”) that fits my laptop, I can wear on my shoulder and across me, and there are pockets in the front that are perfect for snacks. Snack pockets! Or, when I need to be practical, I can fit a small thing of wipes and a diaper in the pockets. But really- snack pockets. When I make my own purses, they all have space for my wallet, phone, a pen and a snack. This has all except the pen pocket, but I could get a pocket protector for that in one of the additional pockets that this has, right? Finally, there’s a dark green cardigan (“Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan”), which fits well, is comfy, and is something that fits in well with my other clothes. It’s a style that I like in a color that I don’t own. I like all three of these final items.

Bag Sweater DSC_0178.JPG DSC_0182.JPG

Additionally, the pants that they’ve sent in this and the previous box don’t have the problem that most of my pants have recently developed: the saggy butt. It’s maybe hard to see in these pictures, but my butt actually stops halfway down the back pockets. I need some pants that actually fit at the end of the day.

In conclusion, I think everything except the red shirt was a win. What do you think? Am I blind to a style error with this StitchFix box?

All the photos and more! on Flickr, and my StitchFix referral link.


One thought on “StitchFix #3!

  1. Love all the items they sent this time! The red shirt is my fave (I have lots of shirts that style because they’re good at hiding the I-ate-too-much tummy).

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