28? 29?

Last time, I had every week memorized. This time, I look at my calendar, because I’ve offloaded keeping track of the weeks onto the scheduling tool designed to keep track of weeks. Most of my belly pics are on snapchat, and I usually remember to save them.

We’ve both been growing! The Predator has also become sentient, kicking back when I poke at it. It first became aware of me about a month ago while I was on a plane for hours and kicked the same spot repeatedly. Now we have afternoon poke-the-other-one sessions, which is all fun and games until this alien starts stretching. It likes to dance at night, and it is amazingly strong. What I find amazing is that now I can look at pictures of friend’s babies born way too soon and see the development stage of this alien/predator, and then I can marvel at the four-year-old that the smallest one has become.

I went back to Atlanta to do some things at the old house and was surprised at how much I wanted to fix things up at that house and get them ready and how little interest I have in unpacking or getting things ready at the new house. Mostly, I want to replace the carpet in the new house, and that’s about it. I washed the box of infant clothes, but haven’t folded it or anything- I just wanted the maternity clothes that were also in the box.

I’m still not sure about joining the campus-employed-affiliated women’s group. I went to another meeting (the first one, I was asked exactly zero questions about myself- they were all about my husband or child(ren)), and I put my “going to talk about me” plan into action, answering questions about my husband’s employment (beyond he’s a professor in the business… thing) with answers about my own employment, and then asking about theirs. In my small sample size of “the people I sat near”, it turns out the spouses of professors are under-employed and have mostly taken jobs outside of their professions just to do something. I also learned that the county schools are severely underfunded and still use corporal punishment. So, you know, yay.

Speaking of school, I dropped my class this semester. After finally seeing the syllabus, I realized that a) I’d done nearly all of the material in undergrad, b) it was going to be way more work than I’d anticipated, c) it wasn’t going to be a well-run class and the stress it was going to cause wasn’t worth it. I’m still getting updates from the forum (though I’ve definitely dropped the class), and yikes- those post titles stress me out, about typos in tests, typos in assignments, assignments needing revisions, projects and quizzes being released late, grades being release in waves, weeks after I figured they’d be finished… I believe I made the correct decision.




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