I had a “growth scan” today, which is not something that happened with the Alien. It’s measuring over 4lbs at this point, which could be wildly inaccurate, but I have a feeling it’s not, based on the size of the enormous feet we saw. I still find it amazing that this kid has surpassed babies born weeks later (but I’m looking at their pictures as preview.) Anyway, still on the charts, long leg measurements, predictions of another large & long baby. So far, this kid has their moments of activity and feels more constantly in motion than Lena, but not quite as explosive. Anterior placenta probably has a lot to do with it, but we still play poke-the-feet.

Everything else in me is gearing up for this kid, just like last time. Poor sleeping is happening (2am wakeup, every night, no matter what time I went to sleep), the leaking, the hip spread, the need to bake everything. Finally, I feel like putting things away in MS at at least shedding some of the hoarders aesthetic that’s going on. I’ve also gotta get to actually exercising again, so I’m hoping that water aerobics at the campus rec center will be my thing. I loved getting in the pool for the faculty & staff family night last week, and I’m ready to get back in.

Went through the newborn clothes that I could find and I am super impressed with some stain patterns on the onesies. I tried getting the stains out and, while they’re lighter, they’re still present, so I’ll try a tie-dye experiment with Lena, and if they’re still terrible, we’ve at least had an art project.

A question that’s bugging me in the middle of the night: What do I call this kid on Twitter once it’s out? Lena is “Facehugger”, so… Predator? Sequel? Something else?

Baking everything! I got a breadmaker finally- the gf bread here is super expensive and I just don’t have time to babysit loaves of bread. The loaves I’ve made with this recipe have turned out pretty well- a basic bread! That’s good without toasting or anything on it! It also doesn’t last long because of these properties!

Bread! Snapchat
About 5 minutes after I said we could try it.

Lena was Star Student in her class last week, so we made a poster of her favorite things:

And then Jeremy and I went to talk with her class one day and I did a little coding of an important daily function with them: recess. They asked lots of questions, they’ve obviously been working on questions that aren’t “Listen to this story”. Favorite things, least favorite things about jobs, what we studied, how long we’ve been working, etc…




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