The two of them

Where Lena had never missed legs day, Olly has never missed arms day. Strong arms! In motion even while sleeping! With claws! I didn’t see the point of the baby mittens with Lena, but Olly’s the reason those were invented.

Lena and Olly together has been adorable. Lena’s smitten with the “babby”, though the newness and novelty is starting to wear off- one session of crying Olly in her lap, and Lena was ready to swear off babies forever. Lena likes to describe all kinds of things to Olly, like about how to use a fork (which she may or may not do herself), about how to walk, about her day, and just about anything she can think of at the time. Olly’s started to turn her head towards things, and Lena’s her favorite thing to stare at, it seems.



I’m having a little bit of a hard time balancing getting enough dedicated 1:1 Lena time with everything that Olly needs from me and everything that Olly takes out of me. Mornings are the hardest, since I’m pretty exhausted from the inevitable 4am Olly poop and difficulty getting her back to sleep, so I’m spent while Jeremy is being super with getting Lena up, lunch packed, and off to school. I’m really thankful that his school isn’t back in session yet, though I know that’s coming next week (and I’ll have to make sure to put on pants and that I’m rested enough to drive.)

Olly and I have been getting out of the house (on the non-snow days) for things more than appointments. She seems to like the Boba carrier, so trips to Walmart have been acceptable, and she seems to do ok in the swing at home, so I’ve gotten things done besides watching Netflix. In fact, while I binged several shows while home with Lena, I’ve watched surprisingly little tv with Olly. Instead, I’ve done things like bake cakes! Read car magazines! Write blog posts! Do grocery shopping*! Walk around!

*It’s really a combination of Amazon orders and using the grocery pickup service from Walmart, which is available in the next town over. Here’s a $10 off your first order link. Sure, it’s a 25-minute drive each way, but I don’t have to actually find the groceries on the shelves and can add things to my order as we run out, and then check out whenever I know I’ll have time to pick them up. It’s a big win for the whole household.

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