If you give a mouse some glitter eyeliner…

After Lena was born, days blurred together. I couldn’t remember when I’d slept, showered, eaten, peed… I definitely wasn’t brushing my teeth or hair, my contacts sat untouched for months, and I wore the same clothes night and day because I wasn’t leaving the house in that state anyway. Neither was Lena, so she lived in the same clothes until a diaper change indicated they needed swapping. This didn’t help my brain adjust to this new normal state post-partum: ignoring my own needs for the needs of some screaming creature.

With roughly 2 months to go with Olly, I decided I neeeeeded glitter eyeliner. It just looked like a Thing to Own while I was browsing Sephora’s website at 3am with pregnancy insomnia. Once it arrived, I also decided that glitter eyeliner was now an everyday look, because it made me feel good for no reason other than it exists (no matter how shallow that sounds). I even purchased a second color of it hours before she was born, in case I ran out before she was born (lol). After she arrived, I saw no reason to stop wearing glitter eyeliner every day; it seemed like an easy-to-reach daily goal that made me feel good about myself.

But if I was going to wear glitter eyeliner, it looked better when I wore contacts. And if I’m going to wear contacts, I should probably wash my face before I put them in. Plus, I needed to remove yesterday’s glitter. If I’m washing my face, I’m at the bathroom sink, so I might as well brush my teeth, too. Since I’m at the mirror and my hairbrush is right there, I’ll run that through my hair. Oooh, but I’m standing up and I see that last night’s pj top is pretty soaked, so I should change that. And my bra. And everything else I’m wearing. And if I’m bothering to get naked before fixing my hair and stuff, I probably ought to run through the shower. Just real quick, and then get dressed. If I’m dressed, then it’s a new day, so Olly should check out some of these super cute onesies before she outgrows them.

If we’ve both just gotten dressed, let’s leave the house. Or take selfies together. Or just admire that we’ve both gotten ready for a day, all because I wanted to wear glitter eyeliner. Which makes me feel good about things for no reason besides it exists.

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